27 June 2010


This is so heart-warming. This poor little cat lost both of his back paws, and would have most likely been put down. But thanks to these awesome vets, Oscar is alive and well.

Go here to check out the full story, and see his updated prosthetic paws: Oscar

19 June 2010


Ok so I know this is really uninteresting but it was cool at the time......

giant crisp! I have no idea how it stayed in one piece. Maybe it was a small  crisp but started eating the other crisps in the bag till it grew big and strong! raaaaaaaawr!!! Check it out, its next to a 10p:

I know I'm sad but whatever, finding this was the highlight of my day.

18 June 2010

Sir Buster Barksalot

I recently finished a digital painting of my dog Buster and I thought it might be mildly interesting to see how it developed. The painting is made up of many layers,each of which you don't have to leave to dry, sweet!

I combined many layers as I went along because there were just so many it got confusing. So here is a simplified version of how my painting progressed, some of the changes are subtle later on so use your peepers:

15 June 2010

What Turtles' Dreams are Made of

This is a picture I made for my awesomely awesome friend Liz.

It is a picture of a dreaming turtle...... because turtles dream too

14 June 2010

Orangutan for President!

So.......... Orangutans are awesome!!!!!

I went to Chester Zoo recently, which totally kicks ass and is definitely worth a visit. My favourite part of the day was watching the orangutans play together. They are so gorgeous and intelligent, I could have spent the entire day sat watching them interact. I've taken a few pictures of them playing together but they aren't great as they were taken through glass and from a distance, but hopefully you will get a vague impression of how ridiculously badass this particular orangutan is.

I don't know what their names are, so for the purpose of this post, The little one is Mildred and the one with the potato sack is going to be Alginon.

So here is Alginon playing with a potato sack. He decided that it would make a great ghost outfit so pulled it up over his head and proceeded to waggle it at Mildred.

13 June 2010

I see you, Squirrels!!!

It seems that recently the squirrels declared me an enemy of their kingdom. I've offended them by being a dog lover, and by harbouring one of their arch-nemesis, Sir Buster Barksalot (pictured below).

There have been many threats and attacks thrown my way, so I decided to set up some surveillance cameras to catch them in the act. 

Here you can see one of them charging straight at me, luckily I ninja dodged out of the way like a total hero.

Heres another one flexing his muscles in order to intimidate me. I have to admit, I was a little bit worried when he started flexing his tail and snapping tree branches with it.  

This guy was on a tree branch outside of my window. As you can see he is doing his 'family guy's angry monkey in the closet' impression. He then followed with impressions of Tony Blair, Simon Cowell and the Queen.

This is what happened when one of them realised I had seen him trying to sneak up on me.
This guy had to be a trainee ninja because I'm fairly sure that diving to the ground and laying really still doesn't make you invisible. 

Mwahahahahahaha! eeeeeeeexcellent!

enough said.

1 June 2010

Wilbur Reed

This is Wilbur Reed, the best rabbit pilot in history. 
Little is known of his life except that he was totally badass in a plane,  liked to wear flamboyant flying gear, and got married 6 times to 7 different women. Work that one out. 

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