31 July 2010

Harry Potter's Birthday

Harry Potter (character)Image via Wikipedia
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear fictional teenage wizard from the Whitbread-children's-book-of-the-year-award-winning series of books which has sold over 400 million copies,
Happy Birthday to you!

That's right, Its Harry Potter's birthday today!! Various information from the book implies that Harry was born on July 31st 1980, so Harry is 30 today, weird right? 

I suppose I should mention (Seeing as she is a real person) that J K Rowling, author of the Potter Series, is 45 today. Only 15 years older than her cash-cow creation.  
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30 July 2010

Vova and Olga

Vova (now 22) and Olga Galchenko (now 20) are an epic brother and sister juggling team from Russia. They are insanely talented and have held at least 3 zillion juggling records between them.

Here is an epic video of them from when they were younger, competing in pairs club juggling:

And here is the awesome Fatboy Slim video, That Old Pair of Jeans, featuring Vova showing what he can do:

For more, visit Vova's website.

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29 July 2010

Pikachu Fleece

How incredible is this fleece?

Pikachu is in everyone's list of top 5 pokemon..... and don't even try and pretend you don't have one because Everyone has one.

I would write my top 5 list here but I know that a lot of pokemon read my blog and I wouldn't want to upset any of them.

I think someone should invest in the creator's genius and help them produce a whole line of pokemon jackets. Personally, I'd love a big fluffy Snorlax coat to keep me warm in the winter.

This item can be found on sale here.

28 July 2010

A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

This video is of a flipbook in action. It was created for an AS-level art project and it is AMAZING. Unsurprisingly, the creator got full marks.

Press play and experience genius!

27 July 2010

Take Your House Plants For a Walk Day

House plants.Image via Wikipedia
This is an odd holiday, but one I'd really like to see people partake in.

Got any house plants? Then show them some love in return for their unwavering loyalty......take them for a walk!

Whether you want to carry them around for a while, or sit them on some kind of wheeled thingimabob and drag them around by a lead, it doesn't really matter.......Just take them for a stroll and give them a change of scenery.

26 July 2010

Finally, a justification for my hatred of Alonso!

Felipe Massa at Autódromo Internacional do Alg...Image via Wikipedia
This weekend's German Grand Prix has left everyone with a lot to talk about. In case you missed it, heres what happened:

During Lap 47 Massa was leading the race, with Alonso in second and Vettel in third. Massa received a message from his race engineer, who very clearly and slowly said:
"OK, so, Fernando is faster than you"
In lap 49 Massa slows right down at turn 6, making it very clear this is an order to let Alonso pass. He then receives a second radio message from his race engineer, saying:
"Good lad. Just stick with it now. Sorry"
It's obvious to everyone watching that Ferrari just gave a team order, telling Massa to let Alonso take first place. This is just wrong on so many levels. I don't even know where to begin.

Epic win!

This guy is now my hero. There's really nothing else I can say, just press play:

Link: Who wants to be a millionaire winner

This will change your life.....

Go to Google and type in Where is Chuck Norris?
Now click on the I'm feeling lucky button
Now prepare to have your life changed...........

Chuck NorrisImage by raggster via Flickr

23 July 2010


Director Christopher Nolan participating in th...Image via Wikipedia
I've been anxiously looking forward to the release of Inception since I first laid eyes on the teaser trailer many months ago. It's pretty likely in that kind of situation to leave the cinema feeling slightly disappointed, as nothing is going to live up to your expectations.

Except for this movie. This movie will not only live up to expectations, it will ninja its way onto your expectations' back and use them as a springboard to launch itself into the realm of AWESOMENESS.

13 July 2010

Embrace your Geekiness Day

Mario Bros 3 MapImage by Cross-stitch ninja via Flickr
Let's all be honest here, Geeks are just generally better than normal people...... in every way...... and if you don't agree you are clearly just jealous that you could never be a real geek

Matthew 5:5: Blessed are the geek: for they shall inherit the earth.

So embrace your geekiness! Give it a big cuddle, then run to the rooftops and scream out pi to as many decimal places as you can until someone hurls a rock at your face. 

Here are some other suggestions for how to celebrate 'Embrace your geekiness' day:
  • Watch all 6 star wars movies
  • Watch a bucket load of star trek episodes/movies
  • Play a geekified version of a boardgame, eg Transformers risk, LOTR trivial pursuit
  • Play some old school video games
  • Attend a free lecture
  • Spend all day telling top notch maths and physics jokes
  • Look at every XKCD comic ever made
  • Spend some time discussing the merits of various linux distributions

Why not make these the soundtrack to your day:
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12 July 2010

Action shot!

Buster - (arch nemesis of the squirrel kingdom) - has a hobby that he likes to partake in when he's not busy saving the world from those evil squirrelly gits...... He loves to frolic with water. He absolutely loves it.

Not only does he love to swim, but he is obsessed with the garden hose. He goes berserk when ever anyone tries to use it, and chases it around like a dog-possessed.

So here are some action shots of him having a good old post swim shake, and some of him launching himself at the garden hose and my poor poor mother..........

11 July 2010

Library Love Notes

Steacie Science and Engineering Library at Yor...Image via Wikipedia
Library Love notes campaign!!
The idea is simple:

  • Write a kind note, something heart-warming and life-affirming
  • Put it into a library book
  • The end

Imagine opening up a library book that you've just borrowed, and finding a message saying 'Smile, you're beautiful'. Sweet, huh?

Why not start doing this simple little thing to brighten up a stranger's day? You could even try sneaking notes into books in a book store.... just dont look too suspicious and shady or you might get yourself in trouble.

Keep it short, keep it sweet and keep it secret

Go check out this site for more information and tips: LLN campaign
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10 July 2010

Don't Step on a Bee Day

I'm not going to lie..... it seems to me that every day should be 'don't step on a bee day'. But today is the official one.

Perhaps this day is for those people that get a kick out of stepping on bees, and the purpose behind it is to give the poor bees a break.

So here is to those poor bees that were squished for sport. Honour them today by not standing on any other bees. Give the bees a chance to live a life without fear of feet

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