30 August 2010

Facebook, Like or Dislike?

Like it? Make it known!

Not so keen? Then stamp it with this badboy. I so badly want to get one and attack Justin Bieber's forehead.

Facebook Like and Dislike stamps, buy them here

29 August 2010

7 Reasons Why Android Phones Are Better Than iPhones

There are a million reasons why Android walks all over the iphone, then goes back and tap dances on it...... then puts it in a choke hold for a while...... But here are 7 really big ones:

1. Being in Google's good book

This is the most important reason to have an Android phone. When Google take over the world, which could be any day now, do you really want to be stood there trying to make a call on your iphone? (but failing because your hand is blocking the signal) No. You don't. You want to be using your Android phone to simultaneously update your twitter and facebook status to tell everyone how much you love Google.

2. The wide range of handsets 
Lets pretend that you are ridiculous and have decided to get an iphone. How could you possibly choose between all of the available handsets?!?! There's the iphone.... another iphone.... and another iphone. Great. How unique. Basically it comes down to whether you can afford the latest version which is supposedly an improvement on the previous one (despite the latest one losing all signal whenever you try to make a phone call, unless you hold the phone like a 3-toed sloth).

If you are a respectable human being and want to get an Android phone, then I have bad news. You are going to have to spend some time looking at all of the available phones from all the different manufacturers, and narrow it down to one that is perfectly suited to you in every way. Don't you just hate individuality?!

3. The home screen
This one really blows my mind. The idea of not having a customisable home screen actually hurts me. My HTC Hero has 7 home screens, each one set-up exactly how I want it with a background image, widgets and app shortcuts. With Android, its so great to have my calender, my favourite contacts and most recent text right there for me to see. Its so easy and quick to change the layout and style to suit my mood........ seriously apple,  I'm actually embarrassed for you on this one.

4. The Android guy 
I love the Android mascot. He is just so cool. I love seeing his little face appear in a message in place of a smiley, incorporated into app icons, and as the default contact image. He is awesome, and be serious, who cares about an apple?! No one that's who.

5. Google aren't app Nazis
Android phones come with lots of standard default apps such as a browser, a clock/timer/stopwatch, a music player and a text messaging application. They are all pretty good but if you don't like one of them, or feel like it could do more.... just get a new one from the market! There are lots of different browser apps, or music player apps available for you to download and you are sure to find one that you love.

The iPhone comes with lots of standard default apps....... but if you don't like them, that's tough. Apple have decided that they have to approve every app on the market place (and can take them down whenever they want) and don't allow duplicates of built in applications. Epic fail.

6. Integration with Google.....ie. EVERYTHING
Google search, Google calender, Google reader, Google mail, Google maps, Google docs, Google sky map....... the list just goes on and on. Obviously Android is designed to seamlessly integrate with all of these things, iPhone... not so much.

One example of this is Google maps. On Android, Google maps is free and comes with sat nav and latitude. Its seriously swish and seriously useful. The iPhone version is yet to get the super awesome free sat nav part of Google maps, if it ever gets it at all. There is no guarantee iPhone will get Google-created apps, but with Android you know the little Android man will serve it up as soon as possible.

7. Because I said so
This is the second most important reason to have an Android phone, to appease me when I take over the Sun, because Google will already have the world.

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28 August 2010

Its not the final countdown!

The Final Countdown (song)Image via Wikipedia

Now everyone knows the song 'The Final Countdown', right? If you don't, you should slap yourself about a bit then go and look it up. Anyway, Europe are the Swedish 'one hit wonder' rock band that made this song. Here are two little known facts about Europe for you:

1. Their name can be spelt using only the top line of the keyboard (just discovered by my easily excitable housemate)
2. They are actually AWESOME!!

Here is a video for their song, 'Last look at Eden', which is also the title of their latest album. Its just so damn good, its an awesome song and I can't believe it isn't more popular here. 
You should also check out their songs 'Rock the night' and 'Ninja' ... yeah that's right, they have a song called ninja....

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27 August 2010

Stayne, Knave of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland (2010 film)Image via Wikipedia

I'm not going to write a review on Alice in Wonderland because to be honest I still don't know what I think of it. I so badly want to love it because it is a Tim Burton movie, but when I look at it critically, there's just something missing. 

What I am going to say though, is that someone very unexpected appears in it. I didn't recognise him upon first watching the film but after just seeing it again, its so obvious who it is!!!

This fellow here, is Stayne - Knave of hearts, a lanky servant of the Red Queen. Does he look familiar?
He should.......

It's George McFly!! Marty's dad in back to the future!!


Now when you watch Alice in Wonderland, all you will see is George McFly parading around in a heart shaped eyepatch and looking rather stretched.


26 August 2010

Dog Day

Every dog has his day, and apparently its this one! Today is Dog Day!
I love dogs, they make such great pets and never fail to make you smile. Heres a little video to do just that:

Dog on a trampoline, yeh!!!

24 August 2010

Android Pacman

This is quite possibly the best t-shirt ever...   go and buy it here now!

It comes in a couple of different styles, for men and women. You know, it was my birthday not that long ago..... belated present?

23 August 2010

30 Awesome Android Apps - Part 2

Other Cool Apps 

the android logoImage via Wikipedia
All apps are free unless stated otherwise

This is a well known 'to do list' type app. It looks good and is really easy to use. You can just make a simple to do list, or you can add extra info like tags, goal dates and expected duration. It also comes with an attractive home page widget

Facebook Event Finder
This is a paid app
This app is very useful for the facebook addict, and well worth the $0.99.
Not only does it show you all the events you have responded to and all upcoming birthdays, but it also allows you to choose a couple of friends as 'Event guides'. It then shows you events you may like based on what these event guides are attending. You can integrate all the events with your google calender for extra convenience.

This is a nice little random app that gives you daily health tips. Just little things that are easy for everyone to do and allows you to record the ones you have done and collect points. It has a nice UI and even allows you to share the tips with your friends.

This is a fantastic app for cinema times. When you are out and about you can look up what films are showing in cinemas near you, and when. You can look up the films on imdb, watch trailers and check their rating on rotten tomatoes. On top of all of this you can see upcoming films, new DVD releases, and keep track of your favourite movies.

Opera Mini
This browser's main advantage over the default one is its speed. It loads the pages zoomed out so it doesn't take as long. You can then zoom in and move around the page as you please. Its great for loading webpages on the go when using mobile internet, and also has a very nice start page and UI

Password Vault
I am useless at remembering passwords. Useless.
I have so many different accounts online and I just can't keep track. This app allows you to keep track of all your passwords in one place, and you can secure 'the vault' with just one singular password, or none at all, its up to you.

Sms Wishes
This nifty little app lets you set up text messages in advance. Say you want to ask your friend a question, but its pretty late and they've probably gone to bed.....Normally you would just wait until the morning and totally forget to ask. But Sms wishes lets you write the text and set the time you want it sent. Job done.
You can choose multiple recipients and save the message to be sent daily or weekly. You also have the option to check or uncheck saved texts whenever you want.

Thinking Space
This is a mind-mapping application. Its very simple and intuitive to use and allows you to create an attractive and useful thought cloud. You can make as many as you want and edit them at any time.

8 Fantasmic Free Games 

2 player reactor
This is the free version of the game, a paid version called '4 player reactor' can be purchased from the android market for more features.
Compete against a friend in a series of mini games that involve quick reactions. Fastest player wins! This is an awesome 2 player game which only needs one phone. Its great fun if you and a friend have time to kill, or if you simply want to beat them at a game then gloat unbearably.

Chain react
This simple little game is just so addictive. Make the bubbles explode and set of a chain reaction, try and hit the bonus bubbles for extra time and points.

Gem miner
This is another game with a paid version. For more features, search for 'gem miner dig deeper'
This game is different to many other free games on the android market in that it isn't one off arcade style play. It's an on going challenge to get through the mine. Collect more gems, buy better equipment and avoid getting squished!

This is the phone version of the original and well known game, Mastermind. Try and guess the sequence correctly in the fewest tries possible. A simple concept, but an awesome classic game.

Number game
Have you ever seen Countdown? Well this game is just the numbers round! Awesome right? Try and reach the given total as many times as possible in the time limit.

Summing cells
A good brain game, especially if you are bored of sudokus. Cells disappear when the sum of the surrounding squares is equal to the middle square. Clear the grid of numbers in as few moves as possible.

Try and trap all of the bouncing balls by drawing lines to create walls. But don't let the balls hit your walls before they are complete or you'll lose a life.

Zombie run
Got somewhere to go? Why not liven up the trip by playing Zombie Run. Simply set your destination on google maps, choose the speed of the zombies, and the level of infestation, then try and reach your destination without the Zombies eating your brains!! Now with a multi player option.
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22 August 2010

30 Awesome Android Apps - Part 1

Here is the first of 2 posts all about great android apps. All of these apps can be found by searching on the android market.

Make the most of your android phone 

Apps to sort your apps and enhance the default apps

Apps organizer
This is a really simple way to sort all of your apps. You can create categories for them, select your favourites, and decide which categories/apps you want as small, customizable icons on your home screen.
Android MarketImage via Wikipedia

If you like discovering new apps then you should install AppAware. It tells you what apps are being installed and updated across the android world. You can narrow it down by your area, your type of android phone and the most popular ones in recent times.

Handcent sms
A great step up from the default messages app. Highly customizable, with a useful pop up screen for your home page when you receive a new text.

21 August 2010

New Phone?

Are you due a phone upgrade? Well if you can wait about a month, then you can have this badboy.
Thats right, an R2D2 edition phone!!!



20 August 2010

Sometimes Towel drying doesn't cut it

So Buster got soaking wet by attacking the garden hose, but decided that being towel dried wasn't enough. He had to take extra measures of his own to get nice and dry again. 


Yes, my dog is this ridiculous

For the record (Yeti-hands-Liz): That is my mum with the farmer accent, calling Buster demented. It is NOT me!!! 

19 August 2010

Dirt Art

This is genius, so much more creative than "clean me"

18 August 2010

Who is Salt?

Thats a very good question, who is salt? 

The first time I saw this poster, it took me a while to figure out 
exactly who the star of Salt is....

It looks like a strange Cameron Diaz - Angry Lion hybrid. This poster has blatantly been airbrushed beyond recognition. The whole point of the movie poster is to make people go 'ooo Angelina Jolie is cool/hot/sensible with her career decisions. I will go and see that film!'

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN05 - Angelina Jolie, G...Image via Wikipedia
But instead you either walk past the poster without a second glance because you didn't recognise the actress, or you look at it for 5 minutes and realise how warped the image is and realise how pathetic it is. 

Angelina Jolie is a gorgeous woman! If photos of her are getting airbrushed beyond recognition, then what chance do the rest of us have???

17 August 2010


Three yellow triangles, forming the first subd...Image via Wikipedia
You've probably heard of FML. Its a site where people post about the crappy things that have happened to them and you get to let the evil child inside of you (99% of me) laugh at others' misfortunes.

But have you heard of MLIN? It stands for my life is nerdy, and my god...... their lives are nerdy.
Its amazing, you should really go check it out, and to tempt you a bit more, here are a few MLIN posts:

"Today I wrote the general form of the Lorentz Transformation on a note card, and put it in my wallet to mess with anyone looking there. MLIN."
"The other day me and some friends were playing pictionary. I got the word "lie", I drew a cake. My friend got it immediately. Both my life and his are nerdy."
"My teacher told us to write an essay on how decision making can affect your life. I chose to write mine on how it is crucial when deciding what starter pokémon to use in order to succeed as a pokémon master. I think she liked it. MLIN "
"Today I woke up from a dream where I was in a big white room with nothing but a computer. On it was the source code, in C++, to my body. Since I was sick, I had a great idea to delete the is_sick() function and compiled. Instead, I deleted sleep(), and the moment I realized that I woke up from my dream, and started to panic thinking I would never sleep again. Took me a good two minutes to realize it was just a dream. MLIN" 
This next one made me smile.... especially when I realised that its my text-tone too.....
"Today (two months ago) I set my ringtone for texts messages as the sound that plays when you open a treasure chest in the orginal Legend of Zelda games, my friends found this awesome. OLAN"

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16 August 2010

My Birthday!!

Today is my birthday!!!

That's kind of all I have to say.......

Ok, seeing as I'm feeling generous, you can have some little facts about August 16th

BirthdayImage via Wikipedia

Famous people born on August 16th:
  • Madonna, 1958 
  • Steve Carell, 1962
  • James Cameron, 1954
  • Anna of Austria, Queen of Poland (But not queen of Austria apparently), 1573
Famous people that died on August 16th:
Today is also Roller Coaster Day! Which is pretty apt, as I freaking love roller coasters. I think someone should buy me one for my birthday.... I'll just wait here....

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15 August 2010

7 Seriously messed up 'kids' films

The Moomins, from Japanese–Finnish television-...Image via Wikipedia
Here are 7 kids movies that are both awesome and just plain wrong..... and I mean really really wrong. I watched them all when I was growing up (with the exception of number 3 which I watched as an adult) and I'm fairly confident that they are 83% responsible for how messed up I am today. The other 17% is down to my parents and, of course, the moomins. 

So here we go, in no particular order, 7 messed up kids films:

Hello Day

Alexander Graham BellImage via Wikipedia

On August 15th 1877, Thomas Edison wrote a letter stating that we should answer the phone by saying 'Hello' instead of 'Ahoy', as previously suggested by Alexander Graham Bell

Now I'm sorry Mr Edison, but you made the world a much more boring place by writing that letter. I know my day would be made just that little bit brighter if someone answered my call with Ahoy!!! I would feel like I had just started a conversation with a whimsical old seadog. 

So lets make Hello Day a real holiday by only answering a call with 'Hello' on this one day every year. Every other day...... Ahoy there!!! Alexander style!

How badass does Alexander look.....that is one mighty beard. 
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14 August 2010

Marilyn Monroe

13 August 2010

Glorious Geek Attire

Qwerty Shoes. 

Pause for a while and let that sink in........

12 August 2010

35 Films

This is a very stylish video, containing little homages to 35 different movies. Can you guess them all?
Tell me what they are! I can't get anywhere near 35. 

Yes I am hanging my head in shame.

8 August 2010

7 Awesome Web Comics

a figure that we can see in Cyanide and Happin...Image via Wikipedia
Another Sunday Seven!

7 Seriously Awesome Webcomics

They are all a bit geeky, a bit weird, and really really funny. Why not kill an entire Sunday afternoon just going through all of the comic archives? Don't act like you've got anything better to do!

Sneak some Zucchini onto your neighbours porch day!

Zucchini/CourgettesImage via Wikipedia
..... or as we sensible Brits call them, Courgettes.

This holiday is supposedly about having too many 'Zucchinis', hence sharing them with your neighbours or something sensible and generous like that.

But I'm fairly sure that if you put some courgettes on your neighbours' doorstep they would find it pretty weird. So lets do it!! The weirdness factor makes this holiday much more interesting and fun.

Here are some ideas for courgette-neighbour related activity:

  • Carve a courgette into a statuette of your neighbour before putting it in their garden..... not too close to the front door or they might stand on it when they leave the house.

  • Use lots of courgettes to spell something out on their front lawn. eg. Spell 'HELP', that'd be a pretty bizarre thing to wake up to.

  • Fashion yourself lots of hand-carved courgette jewellery, then go next door and say hello neighbour!

  • Give the courgettes various facial expressions, then hide them amongst your neighbours flowers and see how long it takes them to notice their presence. 

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7 August 2010

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day? Pretty peculiar parody holiday!

Today is all about the frustration caused by really annoying packaging. 

Lets say you've bought yourself a little present, or maybe someone's given you a gift. Exciting times, right? But before you can enjoy it you have to get through the all the uber tough plastic seals and uber sticky tapes and stuff.

The only upside is that every now and then, once you've hacked at some super strong tape with your keys, and finally gotten into the box, you are rewarded with your original gift and the added bonus of BUBBLE WRAP!

Bubble WrapImage via Wikipedia

Oh sweet glorious bubble wrap, how we love thee!
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6 August 2010

Grow Cube

This is the game 'Grow Cube' and its freaking awesome! Be patient.... wait for the game to load.... it'l be totally worth the wait.... 

NABOU Arcade

The aim of the game is to figure out what order you need to add each thing to the cube in order to max out the level for each one.

Just have a play around with it.... click away

Go here for more grow games

5 August 2010

My new camera

I just upgraded my camera to something a bit more swish.
Upon first impressions, it’s pretty awesome and has some really great features but I shall make a proper judgement in a week or so when it’s really had a chance to show off.
For now, here are a few snaps I took with it in my house/garden, before I read the manual. This thing has a million buttons so the manual is actually necessary and for the first time in my life I am reading the thing front to back.

4 August 2010

Moral of this story: Always make a Fuss!!!

3 August 2010

Kung Fu Bear

This Guy has crazy mad skills!!

First up is the original Kung Fu version, followed by two amusing edits. Make sure your sound is on, then hit play!!

2 August 2010

Psycho Spud

1 August 2010

7 Reasons Why Raptors Are Terrifying


Sunday Sevens!!
From now on, every Sunday I will be posting a Sunday 7; a list of seven things on one particular subject.

 7 Reasons why raptors are terrifying 
VelociraptorImage by bredgur via Flickr

We all know that Raptors are extremely dangerous creatures but what you may not know is that they are still secretly thriving in the wild today. We all know they can open doors, as shown in the popular documentary 'Jurassic Park', but they are capable of so much more.... be afraid.... be very afraid. 
  • They have become very adept at disguising themselves as humans, and integrating into society whilst planning their kills
  • They work in highly organised teams. They have business cards and  monthly work socials and everything
  • They learn by watching.... and they watch a lot of Jackie Chan films.
  • Raptors can move totally silently. There could be one behind you right now just waiting for you to lose focus..... then it will take your face!! It would take you 20 whole minutes to even realise something had happened
  • They have incredibly sensitive hearing and a great sense of comic timing. Combine this with their enjoyment of seeing people get humiliated, and the last thing you ever want to say to say to someone is "Pfffsh, everyone knows raptors aren't real!".......
  • They are faster than Usain Bolt.... when he is driving a sports car....... or a rocket ship. 

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