7 September 2010

Super Super Super Flat Screen

 I saw this tv whilst in Selfridges on the weekend and my jaw just hit the floor.

Can you even see this tv!? Side-on it is almost invisible, that is how flat the screen is. As far as I'm concerned all the other so called 'flat screen tvs' need to be renamed. Reasonably slim screen tvs will do nicely.

All the plugs holes and usb ports are in the base, because the rest of it is just too thin.

The tv is thinner than the remote......


6 September 2010


A couple months ago Google held a contest in which various Google offices from across the world created Art Walls based around the Google name. Here are some of the seriously cool entries:

To see pictures of more Google Art Walls, head over to the Google blog here

4 September 2010

Christian the Lion

So back in 1969 when, apparently, people could do pretty much whatever they wanted, two guys bought a lion cub from Harrods in London. I have no idea why they were selling lions in Harrods, or why these two guys thought it was a good idea to get one, but hey, everyone was on drugs back then. 
Anyway, these guys bought this lion cub and named it Christian. They looked after it for well over a year until it was just too big and had to be reintroduced into the wild. 
A year after Christian left, his old owners got off drugs long enough to take a trip into the wild to visit their old friend. This is what happened.....

3 September 2010

So.... This guy is pretty ..... interesting?

I'd like to introduce you to Chris Young, a mayoral candidate of Providence, Rhode Island. The first video shows him giving a tv interview, the second video is a clip from a debate. There are no words to describe this man, you just have to witness it for yourself. Oh and just a bit of advice.... you might want to skip the middle section of his tv interview... you will find out why....

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