About Me

My name is Jessica, I'm currently studying maths at university, and yes that is a photo of me cuddling a Drowzee....

Look at you trying to act all cool, pretending you don't know that Drowzee is a pokemon. Well good news, Pokemon are cool! So admit your undying love for them and be proud of it!

Oh and in case anyone mature and sensible is reading this, the animal in the picture is actually the oh-so-lovable Tapir.

Animals > People
yeh thats right, not even an 'or equal to' sign in there......
I love all animals, even spiders. In fact, especially spiders.

But most of all I love this furry guy:

This is my dog, Buster. He is a hero. Fact.

He eats, he cuddles, he eats, he swims, he cuddles, he eats, he chases squirrels, he cuddles, he swims, he eats and he picks up words so damn quickly that its impossible to talk about anything in front of him.

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